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Let's keep filling up our families in Christ through ancient & creative habits & rhythms. And all the more as the world relentlessly works to tear down our homes and impoverish our faith.


Family Jesus Remembrance Kit

Share a meal together.

Talk and laugh and encourage and read and discuss.

Break the bread. Drink the cup.


"If you sabbath, they will rest."

Simple kit.
Simple family rhythm.


Stainless steel cups.

(Add more for your growing family.)

Cedarwood (or other), hand-shaped, fire-branded, food-safe oiled, serving tray.

How To Remember Under Your Roof bread & cup discovery book.

BYoB (Bring your own Bible.)

BYoB&W: Look, I'm a Gentile, a Barbarian, part of the priesthood of believers... go ahead and break the bread you have on hand or make it a tradition to bake your own. And no, we don't supply grape juice or wine either.

Stay Up to Date

Spring 2023 limited availability. Interested in a Remember Kit?
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Engage faith
poverty today & pick up a kit for your family.

Encourage another family. Order them a kit as a gift.

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